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Accepting an offer


After your interview, all you can do is sit and wait while tracking your application on UCAS. If you've been successful with your application and interview, you may receive one or more offers from the dental schools. Candidates are expected to accept an offer via UCAS, usually by a specific date. An e-mail or post will usually follow telling you what you are expected to bring to your introductory sessions in September and give you access to information on general life at university. Receiving your package can be quite an exciting time!


Check out the information we have on life at dental school!


Please note: If you plan to defer any offers you must have said this on your UCAS application! Schools may not accept your request to defer after you've attended an interview and receive an offer!





Unsuccessful Applicants

If you were not invited to an interview, or did not receive an offer after interview all hope is not lost!

  1. Using Clearing on UCAS, you can attempt to get onto a dentistry course at another institution - even though this is not likely, it doesn't hurt to try.

  2. You can take up your back up offer and complete your degree. If you still want to get into dentistry after this, you can try applying as a Graduate to dental school!

  3. You can take a gap year and spend time improving your application eg. by doing more volunteer work or gain more experience in the dental environment.

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