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Our Secondary Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges team (SSC) aims to inform teenagers, by using Open Wide volunteer’s personal stories, the importance of making the right choices to permit future goals.​ We also aim to give students an insight into what it means to be a dentist, give students an idea of what dentistry involves and change perceptions of what type of people study dentistry and go to university.​


How does the SSC team do this?


We strive to help students by:

  • Running interactive workshops at your school - ‘Drill’ Down your Options

  • Doing inspiring assemblies to help students with their GCSE and A level choices - ‘My Choice, My Future’.

  • Providing new and exciting online workshops to help with applying for dentistry… Coming in 2017!

Why may this beneficial to me or my school?

  • Current dental students run our SSC team so we can give pupils an honest perspective of the application
    process, life as a dental student and university in general!

  • By providing insight using our first hand experience, we endeavour to help pupils decide whether dentistry
    is the right career path for them.


How can my school get involved?

  • Teachers may email us here if you would like us to come to your secondary school, 6th form or college.

  • We are in the process of beginning to provide e-workshops that students can access when and where they
    These will be launched in ​2017, so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

For more information on the SSC Team and all it can offer, please don't hesitate to email us! 


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