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Open Wide is a student-led project, based at the School of Dentistry, University of Leeds. We are made up of a group of passionate and enthusiatic student volunteers, from the Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene and Therapy programmes, working closely with members of staff from the university. We work with children aged 4-18 and prioritise our help to pupils from backgrounds that are under-represented in dentistry, who meet a list of criteria (click here to see whether you qualify). However we will still try to provide help to anyone that needs it!


Our main committee is split into three main branches, each of which focuses on different age groups:


Each team works to achieve our four main aims:


Inspire children to aim higher

Encourage students to fulfil their true potential

Guide pupils towards a career in dentistry

Educate children about oral hygiene and

taking care of their teeth




From our own experiences of applying to dental school, we understood the stress and difficulties

encountered before we managed to get here. But then we asked ourselves the following questions:


What if we never had an inspirational person to look up to?

What if we didn’t receive encouragement from our parents or schools?

What if there was no one we knew or knew of who could guide us?

What if every single factor which makes it that little bit easier to get in to dental schools was eliminated?

The answer is simple - we probably wouldn’t be here, which is why we felt so strongly about starting this project from the ground up!

For more information on each team and what we do, have a wander around our website using the tabs at the top of the page.

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