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Health Checks

As healthcare professionals, dentists need to be protected from infectious disease that can be contracted from their patients. During dental school, you will be treating patients as part of your training and thus it is important that you are protected.


Dental school entrants need to produce evidence of or accept complete immunisation against Hepatitis B. Student should not be infectious carriers of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.


Most dental schools will carry out a blood test during orientation week to confirm that new students are non-infectious for the above diseases.


TIP 1:

You should get in contact with your GP as soon as possible to get a record of your childhood immunisation/vaccines list. Keep this safe as you may need it to accept your place on the course.


TIP 2:

Be sure to check out exactly what your preferred dental schools require regarding medical status!

Police Checks

Dental schools will check your criminal record (i.e. DBS (formerly CRB) before or shortly after admission. Failure to disclose any criminal history on your application, no matter how minor, may result in withdrawal of your application or offer.

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